Protection for Your Most Important Investment

A homeowners insurance policy protects you from losses caused by events like windstorms, fires, and break-ins. Disasters strike houses every day, and you don't want to leave yourself vulnerable to the financial devastation these perils can cause. You've put a great deal of time and money into your investment, and an insurance policy will help preserve this precious investment. When you compare the cost of a plan with the financial losses it prevents, the premiums seem all the more affordable. If you'd like to examine rates to find the perfect product, you can do so for free on our site.

Policy Features to Consider

A quality plan provides several levels of protection. First, it insures your dwelling against structural damage. This protection also extends to other structures on your property, such as your garage or shed. For instance, if an ice storm caved in the roof of your house, your dwelling, or structural, coverage would pay for the damages. Secondly, it provides liability protection in case anyone is injured on your property. Liability also applies if you or a member of your household damages property that belongs to someone else. Finally, most offerings include loss-of-use assistance, which pays for the policyholder's living expenses if the insured dwelling becomes uninhabitable.

Comparing Policies

When you compare premiums, make sure you evaluate the different policies' deductibles, coverage amounts, and overall quality. Every plan will have a deductible, which is the amount of the loss for which the consumer is responsible for paying. Lower deductibles usually correlate with higher rates. In choosing your coverage amount, insure your house for what it would cost to build from the ground up today. Also pay attention to the quality and extent of coverage. For instance, most quality policies will include assistance for living expenses after a covered loss that requires the home to be replaced or repaired.

We Have Done the Research for You

You can peruse premiums right now without spending a dime. Just complete the online questionnaire on this page, and we'll give you up to five quotes on policies. You'll see offers from the country's best insurers, such as Allstate, State Farm, and others. We display these rates in a format that makes comparing policies and premiums a breeze. Do all of your comparison shopping right here by signing up now.